The Presence Centered Church


Everything flows from the presence of the Lord. If you have Him, you have everything that matters and lasts. Without Him, you have nothing. But, to build a church where Christ is present takes serious and deliberate intentionality.

Bill Elliff, Pastor of The Summit Church in Arkansas and leader in the OneCry movement, has pastored for over 45 years and been in many experiences where God has made Himself wonderfully known. With keen insight, this book will help the pastor or church leader understand how to build a church that is filled with the presence of Christ.

Readers will gain biblical understanding and also practical handles on how to personally experiencing Christ, remove spiritual and structural barriers to Christ’s presence, create healthy, Biblical environments for growth, bring God-initiation into their planning, etc. A model for church life is illustrated around experiencing the presence of Christ, equipping people for life and ministry, and engaging a lost world.

The reader will find in this book wonderful helps both in his/her personal life as well as leading small groups, a church, or a movement of churches.

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