Asleep in the Land of Nod (Expanded Edition)


Noting similarities between Cain’s leaving God’s presence to wander in the land of Nod, and the modern U.S church that has drifted away from Christ, David Butts, chairman of America’s National Prayer Committee, offers hope-filled prayers and encouragement that God once again wants to revive His bride. Your heart will burn with hunger as you seek after more of Jesus in your own life and the life of your church.

Why not take 30 days to pray that God awakens your heart and your church to long again for His presence? Use this guide with other like-hearted people and watch what God stirs up in your midst.

This new, expanded edition includes additional Scriptures, a “Next Step ” section with each day, and a section on how to keep praying for revival after the 30-day initiative is over.

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