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  • Why OneCry?

    We Need God to Move

    This chapter makes the case that America is in significant spiritual need. Our nation is faced with obvious moral, economic, political, and spiritual deficits, resulting in the breakdown of our families, communities, and even churches. What is the answer?

    Author Byron Paulus believes we need a divine intervention—a spiritual awakening—that would bring in much needed transformation. In the Bible, when the nation of Israel faced periods of great darkness, the people were only rescued and revived when they cried out for God’s help.

    Could a similar cry be the answer for America today? Not more strategies or efforts, more money or more organizations, but one united, passionate cry to the God of heaven to heal our broken nation?

  • Revival Reality #1: It’s About Him

    A spiritual awakening is the visible invasion of the King and His kingdom.

    This chapter relates stories of dramatic spiritual movements—Great Awakenings—from the past and the present. Times of spiritual awakening highlight the kingdom of God, advancing the rule and reign of Christ in the hearts of many people.

    Spiritual awakenings result in obvious societal transformation, and they have important eternal ramifications as well. Author Bill Elliff suggests that these rapid advances of spiritual life are necessary to the long-term health of cultures and nations, and that America is in desperate need of another such spiritual change. The video linked above outlines God’s historic moves in times past.

    Cycle of Spiritual Awakening Graphic

  • Revival Reality #2: It Starts Here

    National awakenings begin with personal reviving.

    This chapter reminds us that national spiritual awakening begins on a personal scale. When Jesus addressed the church of Ephesus in Revelation 2, He spoke about the need of that church to return to its first love relationship with Him.

    Author Bill Elliff explains that the process outlined by Jesus to this particular church—that they should remember (from how far they have fallen), repent (turn back toward Him), and return (to authentic Christianity)—is a blueprint for what we can do, today. Before we ask God to change our neighborhood, our church, or our city, we must first evaluate our relationship with Him and, if necessary, rekindle our love for Him.

  • Revival Reality #3: The Pain We Need

    God’s judgments are His necessary tools to bring us to desperation.

    This chapter suggests that God’s judgment on nations is often calculated to bring about repentance and restoration. Author Bill Elliff applies this logic to our own culture today, pressing the questions, “Could God be bringing pain (judgment) into our lives as a way of getting our attention? Could difficult national events be divine signposts pointing us to repentance?”

    Our response to pain (judgment) is crucial, and it begins with us turning to God and asking Him for help. Before we do anything else, we need to “draw a circle” around ourselves and ask God to put us in the right posture to seek Him.

    Draw A Circle

  • Revival Reality #4: He’s Listening

    Your humble cry makes a difference.

    This chapter encourages believers not to give up hope, but to recognize God’s stated desire to answer the urgent cries of His people. In the book, Bill Elliff believes that a great, unclaimed treasure for Christians is that we have access to God’s promise that He answers prayers in mighty, unexpected, and dramatic ways. Why should we pray for revival though? Because cries of desperation attract the attention of heaven. Will you be the one who prays for revival?

    Pray For Revival

  • Revival Reality #5: Waiting for One Cry

    A united cry is uniquely irresistible to God.

    This chapter challenges readers not just to pray, but to pray together. In God’s purposes for us, He not only intends that we have a living relationship with Jesus on our own, but that we unify in heart and prayer with one another.

    Bill Elliff explains that there is incredible power in a united cry, which is why the OneCry Declaration asks for group involvement, not just individual agreement. He believes that God’s presence and power are attracted to those who cry out for revival together.

    Prayer Group Resources

  • Revival Reality #6: Believe

    National awakenings begin with personal reviving.

    This chapter counters the oppressive darkness we see around us which causes us to doubt that things could really change, reminding us that “God can save us now!” Bill Elliff makes a powerful case in this chapter for believing God to do great things—having the faith not only to ask for revival but to expect an answer to that urgent prayer.

    He explains, “If you think I’m a lunatic, go ahead…. Everything I’ve just described has happened, more than once, in American history. And our God is powerful enough to do it again.” It is time to put our faith in God’s power to change everything through spiritual awakening, beginning in our own lives and families.

  • The OneCry Highway

    Join the movement and see what others are doing…

    In this concluding chapter, Byron Paulus lays out the practical vision of the OneCry call, where we put into daily practice the Revival Realities Bill Elliff shared in the preceding chapters. In summary, Byron believes that American Christians must do three things to prepare for the spiritual awakening our culture so desperately needs: TURN (in repentance), PRAY (in faith), and UNITE (for prayer and action). This vision is anchored in the Declaration of National Spiritual Emergency (found on page 130). OneCry movements have ignited across the U.S. and are sparking other groups to join as well.

    Join OneCry

  • OneCry Epilogue

  • Appendix

    How to build a revival culture?

    We cannot bring revival, but we can help create an environment and culture where God is pleased to dwell. What is it that attracts God’s presence? Bill Elliff shares practical ways to help cultivate a revival culture. Developed specifically for pastors, all leaders will find these tools helpful as they lead others to ask God for revival.

    Build A Revival Culture PDF