About the Book

OneCry: A Call to Spiritual Awakening is a challenge, a plea for readers to shake off their spiritual apathy and wake up to the hope of God moving with extraordinary power in our day. Pulling an abundance of stories from ordinary people who have experienced the power of life-changing revival in their own lives, this book provides a contemporary roadmap for spiritual awakening and real revival.

Revival can begin within the heart of any who choose to cry out to God in realization of their desperate situation. OneCry: A Call to Spiritual Awakening is a challenge for readers to awaken from their spiritual sleep and complacency to see that there is hope. God is moving in incredible ways among His people. Join us on this journey to look at stories from ordinary people whom God has radically changed.

We were always taught to put others before ourselves, but in the case of revival, we don’t need to be praying for spiritual awakening to happen to others. It begins with us. Have you examined your own heart? Is God calling you to step into the circle of personal authenticity before Him and pray, “Lord, let it begin in me”? Will you step into the circle?


About the Authors:

Byron Paulus

BKPBYRON PAULUS serves as Executive Director of Life Action Ministries, the largest organization in North America dedicated solely to the mission revival. For more than four decades, he has inspired thousands of believers to seek the Lord for widespread spiritual awakening through his writing, speaking, and leadership roles. The OneCry movement was first birthed in Byron’s heart, and he currently provides strategic leadership to this expanding initiative. Byron and his wife, Sue, lives in Niles, Michigan, and have three children and twelve grandchildren.

Personal Revival Story

I’ll never forget how I got off the sidelines to begin engaging in advancing Christ’s kingdom. It was a result of how my wife and I spent Saturday nights … week after week, while most of our Christian friends were out having fun, we huddled around a radio. We did not want to miss a single word of the accounts people were giving about how their lives had been hijacked by God.

I remember one evening I was brought to tears, as the broadcast described how God’s Spirit was moving powerfully in Tampa, Florida. The life-change stories were erupting from hundreds who were being converted in a very brief period. The radio coverage had no narrator or carefully woven programming—just raw stories from broken, repentant people. Whatever was taking place in their lives was setting them free—free to love, free to serve, free to give everything to Jesus.

The stories filled us with the kind of hope that both moved our hearts and propelled us to take action. We wondered, “Could it be that there is more to Christianity than the explainable church services that have become a part of our weekly routine? Could the same thing happen on a broader scale—an entire nation, or even the entire world?” That was forty years ago.

Life Action Ministries was launched out of a powerful season of God’s activity throughout the nation. My wife and I found the possibilities of what God could do in seasons of revival so compelling that we left our business career, our family and friends, and our anticipated future to begin a journey of faith serving on staff with Life Action.

Forty years later, we still serve as missionaries to America. It’s been awesome to see thousands partner in Life Action’s mission to ignite movements of authentic Christianity. Believers from all across the country have invested prayer, material resources, and energy to help others reconnect with Jesus and put their lives into action to extend His work in the world.

Along the way, everything that has been forfeited by many in terms of money and comfort has been more than repaid by the reality of thousands of changed lives. Their stories are the most rewarding part of this journey, because changed lives last for eternity.

Bill Elliff

BillElBILL ELLIFF leads the pastor emphasis of the OneCry movement. As the Senior Teaching Pastor of The Summit Church in North Little Rock, Arkansas, his passion is to see both genuine revival and methodological renewal in the church. Bill is a frequent conference speaker, writer, and consultant to churches, drawing from more than forty years of pastoring and revival ministry. He and his wife, Holly, have eight children and live in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Personal Revival Story

I came to know Jesus at an early age and walked with Him as a young boy. But when I entered junior high school, I got pulled into the wrong crowd. I was miserable, but it took several years for me to come to the end of myself at age seventeen. This was at the beginning of the Jesus Movement and the Asbury Revival season.

When I went to college, there was an incredible fever heat of God’s presence on our campus. Often a group of us would spend all night in prayer, crying out for God to manifest Himself.

One day, a man who had been in an amazing movement of God during that time came to our campus—and God began to break through. A 30-minute, student-led, noonday service broke into 3 1/2 hours of God’s presence … confession, repentance, restitution, salvation.

Over the next months and several years, we watched God’s presence do in a few moments what would have taken us years to accomplish. Once this taste is your mouth, you long for it, look for it, and live for it.

Since that time, I have been a student of revival. God has graciously given me many experiences in His presence, both personally and corporately. More than once we have experienced times where God’s work was extended. The first of these was a planned two-week series of meetings in the church I pastored in Norman, Oklahoma, that spontaneously moved into a third and fourth week.

In 2011 God’s Spirit fell on The Summit Church in North Little Rock, Arkansas, where I pastor currently. A normal Sunday service lasted until 3:00 p.m. We gathered the next night, and that service lasted three hours, with an unusual movement of God.
These meetings continued every single night except Saturday for five weeks. People were saved and baptized every day. If all the churches in our city were to see the same measure that we experienced, we would see over 30,000 people come to Christ in five weeks. I would not think this possible if I didn’t know that God has done that many times in the past and can do it again!

That was the most glorious, life-changing experience of the manifest presence of Christ I have ever been privileged to see. I believe it was God giving me and our church a foretaste of what He could do. I know now, more than ever before, the possibility of an invasion from heaven!

OneCry was written to help us understand the ways of God in revival and how we can cooperate with Him by uniting our hearts in faith-filled, urgent, extraordinary prayer. Whenever all the people have cried out, God has always answered. Our prayer is that He will do it again in our midst … and do it NOW!